Dodge Viper is more sinister than ever before in 2015

For decades now, it has been amongst the most legendary American muscle cars. But the all-new, 2015 version of the iconic Dodge Viper is perhaps the most sinister-engineered one yet. Check out the stylish new model in action, below.

Beautiful, isn't that? The highly aerodynamic-new exterior is composed of carbon fiber and aluminum, and the model is available in vibrant new colors, and stripe packages. But the new exterior is far from the only upgrade either. Taking a look at the powertrain, the model is now powered by an aluminum 8.4-L mid-front V10 engine which produces 645 horsepower, and 600 pound-feet of torque; the most of any naturally-aspirated engine in the world.

Combine all this with a high-end, sport-inspired interior; and you have quite the performance coupe on your hands. Test drive the new Dodge Viper for yourself today at our Woodbridge, VA dealership.

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