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We understand that buying a vehicle can be stressful. To eliminate some of the uncertainty and apprehension, we’ve identified some of the top performers in our store from last month! Select a representative, request a time to visit the dealership, and they will reach out to you to introduce themselves as soon as they are available!

Top New Car Sales People

Product Specialist Basil  Moye
Basil Moye
Product Specialist
(571) 266-0969
Product Specialist Jariel  Curtis
Jariel Curtis
Product Specialist
(571) 266-0966
Product Specialist Kevin  Newborn
Kevin Newborn
Product Specialist
(571) 281-0390
Product Specialist Nahom  Hagos
Nahom Hagos
Product Specialist
(571) 267-1356

Top Pre-Owned Sales People

Product Specialist Basil  Moye
Basil Moye
Product Specialist
(571) 266-0969
Product Specialist Marcel  Mosley
Marcel Mosley
Product Specialist
(571) 279-8723
Product Specialist Kelly  Uzodinma
Kelly Uzodinma
Product Specialist
(571) 286-3301

Top in Customer Satisfaction

Product Specialist Robert  Baza
Robert Baza
Product Specialist
(571) 261-7904
Product Specialist Ron  Hubbard
Ron Hubbard
Product Specialist
(571) 279-8563


Sales Manager Antonio Ferrari
Antonio Ferrari
Sales Manager
(571) 293-0986
Vice President Nino  Sita
Nino Sita
Vice President
(703) 492-3644
General Manager Matt  Lepage
Matt Lepage
General Manager
General Sales Manager Mike  Tatum
Mike Tatum
General Sales Manager
(571) 261-6201
Sales Manager David  Algie
David Algie
Sales Manager
(571) 261-6238
Pre-Owned Director Jesse  Annis
Jesse Annis
Pre-Owned Director
(703) 492-3652


Product Specialist Basil  Di-ke
Basil Di-ke
Product Specialist
(571) 281-0063
Product Specialist Ike  Lemuwa
Ike Lemuwa
Product Specialist
(571) 279-8573
Product Specialist Nicolas  Castro
Nicolas Castro
Product Specialist
(571) 266-0964
Product Specialist Syed Uzair
Syed Uzair
Product Specialist
(571) 286-5944
Product Specialist Derrick Sanders
Derrick Sanders
Product Specialist
(571) 316-2169


Finance Manager Dan  Leithauser
Dan Leithauser
Finance Manager
703-239-7003 x 5175
Finance Manager Daniel  Khan
Daniel Khan
Finance Manager
(703) 643-5173
Finance Manager Daniel  Martinez
Daniel Martinez
Finance Manager
703-239-7003 x 5622
Finance Manager Sham  Moumen
Sham Moumen
Finance Manager
703-239-7003 x 3445


Concierge Director Deedee  Lessord
Deedee Lessord
Concierge Director
703-239-7003 x 3415
Concierge Grace  Burgoa
Grace Burgoa
703-239-7003 x 5603


ASM Brandon  Lee
Brandon Lee
(703) 789-4889
ASM Da'Velle  Johnson
Da'Velle Johnson
703-239-7003 x 5121
Service Lane Manager Thomas  Ramey
Thomas Ramey
Service Lane Manager
703-239-7003 x 5125
ASM Eric  Boswell
Eric Boswell
(540) 446-8700
ASM Jamar  Hylton
Jamar Hylton
703-239-7003 x 5119
ASM Sam  Colleton
Sam Colleton
703-239-7003 x 5639
Aftermarket ASM Teagan Lessord
Teagan Lessord
Aftermarket ASM


Parts Representative Salvador Ceja Chavez
Salvador Ceja Chavez
Parts Representative
703-239-7003 x 3620
Parts Manager Andy Williams
Andy Williams
Parts Manager
703-239-7003 x 3620
Parts Representative Billy Dale
Billy Dale
Parts Representative
703-239-7003 x 3620